Losing a child to fentanyl murder/overdose

Tips and Tools For Grieving Your Child Due to Overdose

Wednesday, July 27th 7pm CST

Your Host, Kelli Nielsen

Kelli didn’t grow up with visions of becoming The Grief Guru, but life had other plans. After losing her mother to suicide in 2017 she found herself swept out in a sea of grief. Barely able to get through the days she looked for help and was discouraged when she didn’t find the support or tools to recover.

Thankfully an encounter with an inspiring speaker showed her that healing was available to her. She decided then and there to dedicate herself to recovering from grief. She studied, prayed, documented her process, and began to recover. Her recovery came not a moment too soon as just a year later her 20 year old son Quintin died of an accidental drug overdose.

Kelli has since become a speaker, author, and coach. Her book, You’re Not Crazy, You’re Grieving, shares the process she used to heal from her tremendous losses. She also founded The Grief Guru, a company focused on helping others learn to move forward on purpose, in purpose and love their lives after loss.

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